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Alexander Smith

About it All..

There are many things that can be done. I do more than one...
And yet I do so little 

My work as an artist might be well described as a passion for crafts, techniques and materials in which the process of learning never stops.
Through studying, exploring and trying all kinds of techniques I managed to create a rich variety of knowledge on the technical background that eventually contributed to a well paved working ground.
I love to discover, to keep an open mind and keep myself amazed. I'm an admirer of life. Painting is one of the ways to express this. To become genuine one should never stop learning.

For more than 10 years I practiced Iaido, the art of drawing the Japanese sword. I became intrigued about the art of making the saya. It is the refinements of the saya that marries the directness of the sword.

Being creative is a life force. The choice to embrace it is ours. 

The achievement of improvements, again and again
isn’t perfection by definition.
It shows that someone is moving within his destiny.



Alexander Smith

  • The Crossing 100x150
  • The Girl who shows you 200x90 cm
  • The Girl who did it 200x100 cm
  • Desperatte Measures 170x70
  • It is Possible 185x70
  • Sudden Exposure 100x150
  • Alexander Smith - SHE Art Gallery