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Teis Albers - BOUQUET


Teis Albers

Teis Albers is a contemporary mixed-media artist from Berlicum, the Netherlands. 

The works are a mix of illustration, typography, photography and various compilation techniques. Teis finds inspiration in vintage stuff, street-art, comics, old brochures, traveling, film, art, nature and music, lots of music. I hope people will find something new in my works everytime they look at it. There are a lot of small details hidden in the compositions.



Ongoing art serie in where I photograph my own flowers. I shoot all flowers separately and I combine them later in photoshop to create my own bouquets.

Olmost dried upflowers formed his inspiration to create new Bouquets.



Teis Albers

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  • bouquet
  • 2018-02-07 130254
  • wildness
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  • bouquet-01
  • rise up
  • floracollar V
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